When you make something, something that works and what it does makes sense you feel like Gods, the second is:


When I was 2 years old, I played with LEGO for first time and soon I felt in love with it and after that I became the most iconic factor of my life, Somehow I spend 12 years playing with it and having fun. All my friends and family knew me as the "Professor LEGO" because it was all my life, LEGO learned me many big lessons, First and the biggest was:

"There is a joy in creation that is higher than anything".

"Every awesome product is a mix of technology and design"

My point is: both technology and design worth the same. They are both needed and they both must be 'Perfect' to make a good result. Those days I spent too much time thinking about how LEGO breaks are awesome in the way they work, The abilities in connection, The perfect material used in the plastic... Also there were times when I stared at the catalog of LEGO for maybe half or even a full day and just thought how beautiful they are and what a harmony is involved in their DNA.

Actually I were young and well it was all I understood, but I knew something and it was: "I wanted to be an inventor" I wanted to create and it was all I ever loved to be. At first it was only about LEGO, I wanted to be a LEGO designer, I wanted to design LEGO for other kids because LEGO had a sprit, A love inside it which I could sense and I wanted to share it with others but someday my uncle said something that really changed everything, He said:

"Someday you'll design not just the basics but you'll design the breaks themselves"

Well you know to many people there are limits, boundaries, for example: to many people, "programming languages" and "operating systems" are prospers from gods and they even never dare of dreaming about making a new one! Sometimes when I talk to other developers and I say : "Yes, I'm making my own programming language" they stare at me for seconds like I'm a citizen of another planet and they never even think they what I do is no different from what they're doing. And just as I said thinking of making the "breaks" changed all my vision. I stared to combine and mix my toys with my LEGO, It turned out really fascinating, I once made a chemistry lab mixer that could do better than what my father's lab had, that years passed but a vision remained and it was: "I wanted to change"