I love to create new things and well I have done so much job this years. From smart phone apps like wallpaper makers to operating systems and programming languages. I have mentioned some of my favorite ideas and projects but this list is not all of my projects.



MoveCode is a programming language designed for educational uses but it's actualy a language to draw on your screen. Learn more about it here


It's an app for Windows Phone that makes wallpapers from texts. It has 3 themes which you have to choose from and then tada! your wallpaper is ready!



Nexear is the biggest project I have ever started. It's a text editor with many built-in features from calculator and file-importers to code optimizer for MoveCode. It's a really powerful giant text editor with cross-platform structure and user interface which is also so much light and fast.


With only 120 LoC Textor is worlds smallest working text editor! It can only write files you can not open files! You may say how someone even dare to include something such as this in his projects list but the fact is the whole editor is just an idea. And it's communications with user and software all happen in the text it self and that's the innovative part take a look at it...


With it's brand new and innovative features, Mathman is a revolutionary calculator, I have talked to many people with new ideas and tried to program their ideas and their results, as the result we have a calculation machine like nothing else ever. I really can't wait to release an stable version and talk about it's features


It's one of my ideas about cryptography tools. We give each character a prime number and then by multiplying this number will have a number per every word and then to decode we simply factorize the numbers. CODIUM is a software for encoding and decoding this way.



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As I have said it's a language for programming, I have designed to be so much small, It only has 10 commands, I may add some commands in the future but it will never be more than 20 commands. Language's core is highly portable and can work on any operating system or any device and...


Kincob is a canceled out-of-date project. I started to think that it will be so cool if we could talk and explain what we like in command-lines and well it could be done with a new shell program and well I designed Kincob but the AI part never worked well and we had so many more interesting projects to do so we closed the project


Equer is python script generator. You explain a formula to it and it generates you an application that when you run it asks you the parts of the equation and then calculate it for you. It's a cute little software which is for people like me is an every-day tool!